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For the most current information about COVID-19 in Oklahoma, visit the Oklahoma State Department of Health's dedicated page.


To stay up-to-date on how Oklahoma's early childhood system is responding during COVID-19, click here.


Certified Healthy Oklahoma is now accepting applications.
Oklahoma study offers insight into child care breaking point during COVID-19.
OPSR has developed seven recommendations to ensure equitable access to early childhood care and education for Oklahoma children.



The Pathway

The Oklahoma School Readiness Pathway illustrates how Health, Early Care & Learning and Family Support influence a child’s readiness for school. Beginning at birth through school entry, this framework allows us to monitor outcomes and indicators that inform action including policy changes, effective investments and quality improvements.



Why Health? Research shows that children and families who are connected to health services are better able to engage in experiences crucial to the learning process.

Early Care & Learning

Why Early Care & Learning? Children in high-quality early care and learning are more likely to succeed in school and throughout their lifetime.

Family Support

Why Family Support? Engaging and building respectful partnerships with parents strengthens their ability to have supportive, nurturing relationships with their children.


Upcoming Events

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Annual Report

Part of our responsibility as an organization is to present an annual report to the Governor of Oklahoma and the state legislature, so that early childhood stakeholders can better understand both the opportunities and barriers to school success that children and their families may face from birth to the time they enter school.