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Taking Care of Your Child's Mental Health During COVID-19

Each day, it feels like we’re stuck further in the Upside Down from the hit series “Stranger Things.” And maintaining you and your child’s mental health may feel as difficult as hitting a moving target. All of the frequent changes during this tough time may seem impossible to explain and adapt to.

To make the world a little more right side up, we’ve gathered some valuable resources and advice that we hope will help you find your footing and confidently take care of yourself and your family during COVID-19.

1.     The Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services' Mental Health Guide to COVID-19 is full of information and resources like common reactions you might be experiencing during this time as well as 24/7 contacts that you can reach out to:

2.     The CDC is also offering support to those experiencing emotional distress related to COVID-19. Call the Disaster Distress Helpline at 1-800-985-5990 or learn more at

3.     Psychology Today has eight tips to keep your family stay regulated and lessen anxiety during the coronavirus:

4.     Sesame Street helps the autism community and others with young children find the joy and beauty in small moments while introducing and embracing change:

5.     The HuffPost offers insight into how to take care of your own mental health as well as your children: