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The Journal

OPSR Guide: A Snapshot of Everything You Need to Know

Welcome to the OPSR Journal! We’ve been on a brief break, but are back to keep our followers up-to-date on the latest in early childhood.

Over the past several months, OPSR has seen some exciting changes including new grant funding as well as progress on existing grants. If you’re new to our website and curious about what we do, this article provides a quick snapshot of everything OPSR!

Current Focus


In January, OPSR was awarded the Preschool Development Grant Birth Through Five, known as OKFutures, by the Administration for Children and Families. The goal of this grant is to “create the country's most effective early childhood, mixed-delivery system.” To accomplish this, we’ve been working with the Urban Institute who has been gathering data for our needs assessment. The needs assessment will then allow us to create a five-year strategic plan for the state.

In fact, we just completed Community Conversations in 11 locations across the state to help inform the strategic plan. Stay tuned for our next article with details on how our Community Conversations went! For more OKFutures information, click here



OPSR originally partnered with the Oklahoma Health and Human Services Cabinet and the Oklahoma State Department of Education to develop ECIDS (Early Childhood Integrated Data System). What is an ECIDS? A system that securely links data and helps answer key policy questions, so that our entire state benefits. For example, ECIDS can answer questions like: “Are children getting what they need to support healthy development?” or “What investments need to be adjusted to prevent the need for more costly interventions later?”

Today, with support from OKFutures, OPSR is working with Third Sector Intelligence to build upon previous efforts to develop ECIDS. Learn more here


Project HOPE:

OPSR is also invested in Project HOPE, (Harnessing Opportunity for Positive, Equitable Early Childhood Development), in which we have committed to discovering strategies that will improve equitable outcomes for children. Most recently, OPSR made progress on this project by working with Vital Village to host a community action lab with Oak Grove Head Start! We are grateful to have worked with such a welcoming community. You can stay updated on Project HOPE at


Previous Progress


We completed our community cafe project back in 2018 when we met with different communities in Oklahoma to create a state plan for the prevention of child abuse and neglect. This work was done in partnership with the Oklahoma State Department of Health, and the plan that was created will be implemented from 2019-2023. For the completed plan, read more here



The Oklahoma Early Learning Inventory (ELI)’s goal was to help enhance learning by educating teachers, parents, and the community about a student’s skills and development. After conducting a feasibility study in FY17-18, the University of Oklahoma created a final report, which can be found on our website at


Project SHINE:

Project SHINE’s (State-level Home Visiting Integration with Early Childhood Data Systems) goal was to gather data about home visiting and early childhood to support better informed decision and policy making. Most recently, in collaboration with Child Trends, OPSR hosted a convening to determine what would help further future goals of the project. To view the outcomes of Oklahoma Home Visiting, click here