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New Research and Policy Series to Address Issues in Early Childhood Education and Care

Oklahoma’s top early childhood advocacy group and the state’s only early childhood research institute are partnering to offer a new, multi-session conference to highlight early childhood research, initiatives, and policy. “Building Equitable Futures for Oklahoma’s Children: An Early Childhood Research and Policy Series,” presented by Oklahoma Partnership for School Readiness (OPSR) and the Early Childhood Education Institute (ECEI), is Dec. 9, Jan. 13 and Feb 10.

Each of these free, online webinars will feature multiple keynote speakers and introductory remarks from state leaders including State Superintendent Joy Hoffmeister.

The first session, titled “Foundations: How Oklahoma Research Influenced Pre-K Policies and Programs Across the Country,” will feature a presentation by Bill Gormley and Deborah Phillips on their ground-breaking pre-K study conducted in Oklahoma 20 years ago. Georgetown University’s Anna Johnson and the ECEI’s Sherri Castle will then present the preliminary results from their current research following a group of Tulsa children age 3 through 4th grade.

Subsequent sessions in the series will focus on early childhood child and teacher well-being and equity in early childhood education.

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