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Hopeful Futures

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We want to hear from you!

As part of Project HOPE, Hopeful Futures Story Bank is collecting stories from families and providers about pregnancy, birth, or the first year of a child’s life. We believe your stories will help Oklahoma communities create local, actionable solutions that reduce infant mortality by improving equity.

Using Your Voice

Your story can help shape our future and provide wisdom about the way things could and should be better for a future full of hope.

With the Hopeful Futures Story Bank, we hope to learn about how you overcame barriers during pregnancy, birth or the first year of a child's life; and your reflections and insights on any new opportunities or “bright spots” that emerged from your experience.

Click the button to the left to share your story.

Why a Story Bank?

Oklahoma's high infant mortality rate with significant racial disparities has shown us that we need to understand the challenges providers and families are facing during pregnancy or the first year of a child's life. The Hopeful Futures Story Bank will make leaders and communities more knowleadable about your perspectives – straight from you and in your own words – giving our state valuable information to both study and act on.

Project HOPE isn't the only OPSR project using a story bank! Learn more about Oklahoma Standard.

Real Impact

The Hopeful Futures Story Bank's goal is to make a real impact on Oklahoman's lives by:

  • Meeting needs and addressing inequities.
  • Prioritizing efforts to support more of what is already working.
  • Cultivating new ideas and approaches to reduce infant mortality and improve the well-being of young children and families.

How It Works

The Hopeful Futures Story Bank uses an online tool called SenseMaker® to collect information that provides deeper insight than a more traditional survey.

If you'd like more information about Hopeful Futures, please reach out to us!

Understanding SenseMaker®

When an individual clicks the link to participate in the Hopeful Futures Story Bank, they'll be asked to share a story based on a meaningful prompt. In addition to their story, participants will answer a short series of questions to add further understanding about their experience. These stories get analyzed and create what is called a "story map" that gives decision-makers, at all levels, real-time information about how Oklahomans are doing. Together, this story map will help communities make actionable solutions at a local level to increase equity.

Who Sees My Story?

Stories are completely anonymous.

Hopeful Futures doesn't collect any personal, identifiable information.

If you have any questions about the rights of research participants, email us.

Protecting Privacy

This project follows the protection of human subject protocols and as such all stories will remain anonymous.

Collectively, Hopeful Futures Story Bank will be used by decision-makers to inform actions and next steps that communities can take to address issues of infant mortality and other issues of inequity.