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Home Visiting Report

As required by the Family Support Accountability Act, OPSR, the state's Early Childhood Advisory Council, establishes performance measures for all state funded home visiting programs. In addition, OPSR submits an annual report to the Governor of Oklahoma and the state legislature so that policy decisions can be based on data and better outcomes are created for children and families.

Home-based family support services, also known as home visiting, are a tool the state uses to protect Oklahoma children.

What is home visiting?

Home visiting provides parents with information, education, developmental assessments and targeted interventions to prevent abuse and neglect and help children be healthy and happy. These evidence-based programs are offered to expectant mothers and parents of children less than six years of age. Specifically, home visiting programs teach all facets of caregiving from proper nutrition and health to typical developmental milestones and appropriate discipline techniques. In Oklahoma, home visiting has been utilized for two decades to help create stronger, more stable families and positive, nurturing environments.