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Preschool Development Grant Birth Through Five


OKFutures was a grant designed to improve Oklahoma's early childhood system by building upon existing federal, state and local early care and learning services.

OKFutures' overall goal was to create the country's most effective early childhood,

mixed-delivery system.

This grant was awarded to OPSR by the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services and Education and administered by the Administration for Children and Families. In one year, we'll complete five activities including: conducting a needs assessment, crafting a strategic plan, maximizing parent choice, sharing best practices and improving overall quality.

OPSR worked with state agencies and stakeholders to guide the implementation of this grant. Specifically, three committees focused on important components of the grant including: Family and Community Engagement, Professional Development and Quality Improvement each recieving additional guidance from our Steering Committee.

To learn more about OKFutures, click here. Or to download our original grant application, click here.


Our committees were made up of dedicated professionals with expertise in each area of OKFuture's focus: Steering Committee, Family & Community Engagement, Professional Development, Quality Improvement and Evaluation. These teams convened to guide, inform and assist in the implemention of grant goals. And have representation from Head Start, the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, the Oklahoma State Department of Education, the Oklahoma State Department of Health and Oklahoma's Native American tribes.

Click here for a PDF on the organization of these committees.


Our committees guide, inform and assist with the implentation of OKFutures.

Below are final reports developed by OPSR and our contractors during the course of OKFutures. These reports reflect the hard work and input of field experts, community members, agency leaders, providers, families, and OPSR Board and committee members, to improve Oklahoma's early childhood system.